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Just last week I was sharing with someone about my earth angels and they stopped me and asked “What is an earth angel?” …. great question and one that deserves a blog.

My whole life I have had earth angels, some long before I knew what they were. When I was younger what they looked like were people that came into my life to love me and help me along my path. Now that I am older, they are people that come into my life to love me and help me along my path…..the only difference is that I never called them earth angels. I suspect most everyone has had earth angels come into their lives.

These are the people that just sometimes come out of nowhere to help us on our path and to sometimes turn our lives in a direction that will forever change the path we are on. Sometimes my earth angels come in the form of friends that I have known for years and one day they do something that reveals to me that part of their path is to be my earth angel.

I have been so fortunate in my life to have so many earth angels and I am so grateful that I was able to know when they were there so I would know when to listen. We get a lot of noise in our lives and a lot of mixed messages……yet earth angels never give mixed messages.

It would take 10 blog lists to name them all, and yet they have one thing in common……unconditional love for me. They all see the gold in me and they all know the love I have in my heart……why……because they are earth angels and have that same love in them.

Interestingly enough, one of my most important earth angels resides within me and shepherds me on my path……it is my inner voice……my source…….my little boy……my wise old man……my heart. The other earth angels show me the way back to my earth angel……that is the gift of the earth angel.

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