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When I heard the saying “Nature Abhors a Vacuum” many years ago, I really did not get what it meant. I think I was supposed to live some years to fully get it. To me, it is nature’s balancing as well as challenging system.

Last week I talked about the Rayid Eye Patterns and how I was studying them. In my work with my own eye patterns, I have learned a lot about myself. Interestingly enough, in all the personality inventories that I have taken, been certified in, or coached around, there is one commonality……I always see of piece of me that I knew intuitively was there, I just couldn’t see it. This holds true also for the Rayid system…….can’t see something that is in my eye (no pun intended). In this system there are different eye patterns and markings. Two of the most common markings are either what they call a flower, which is what appears to be a whole in the iris, or a dark spot which is called a jewel. Both have different meanings. For today I will talk about the flower.

The flower or the hole in the iris represents just that…..a lack of in the area in which the flower is on the iris. Well in my eye there was a huge flower right over nurturing. This was also in my right eye or on my male side or father’s side of my life. I have blogged before on the difference between love and nurturing as I know that my father loved me dearly, he just did not nurture me well. What I also know is that if we were not nurtured and did not learn in life, we tend not to nurture in our own life.

So since nature abhors a vacuum, I now work with men on how to nurture themselves. My whole life in some aspect or another is and has been about learning to nurture myself and others. Interestingly enough, the area that is next to nurturing in the eyes is compassion and I have a flower in that area also. Compassion and nurturing go hand in hand.

This is a great journey I am on and as I nurture myself, I find that I also can nurture others and am willing to let others nurture me. This is the fuel that feeds my soul. This is what keeps me alive and thriving and willing to change so that I will not hand this bill to my daughters. So the work I am doing now in my Global Gratitude program is to nurture my entire family, living or dead, one at a time so I can give back to them the gift of life they gave me…..this gives a whole new meaning to nature vs. nurture.

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