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There are certain things in life that I was given. I had no say in the manner, it wasn’t my choice, I had nothing to do with it…..and it still came. What am I talking about…..siblings….brothers. I have two brothers and they were put in my life without any say so from me…….thank God they came though, life would not have been the same.

My brother David came in town today and my other brother John, who live here, joined us for lunch. Dave and I had some time before to connect which was awesome and of course when the three of us get together there is a certain energy that cannot be duplicated. It is so weird to me sometimes when I see our “family” traits coming out in one another. Since I don’t get to see Dave as much we took some special time to reconnect.

If you look at the picture on my blog that is Dave and I when we were really young. We were rocking to some cool new music we got and we were having a blast. Fast forward about 45 + years and here we are. This time he is telling me about his journey to Spain and how it changed his life and how he and his family are learning more and more about each other every day and how calm and relaxed he is becoming.

We have all had our journeys and it is so beautiful and so unique siblings have…we have a love for each other that is ancestral. It is not that we talk every day like some brothers yet we keep connected at a deep level because it is important to both of us to have that. I had two brothers and no sisters so I got a steady dose of testosterone early and often. Maybe that is why my brother and I are on our journey to find peace in our lives and to honor the softer loving parts of us…… there are no accidents.

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