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There is always a first for everything and today I experienced a first……..I recorded a song with my daughter Kelsey. This is the first time she has ever sang to be recorded. We laid down the drums, guitars, and vocals and are coming back to add some more vocals and lead. We are covering Kelsey’s favorite singer, Grace Potter doing one of our favorite songs….Big White Gate.

Interestingly enough, I experienced Grace Potter a few years ago when she was opening for Govt Mule and I was bowled over. Since then she has become Kelsey’s favorite and one that we both love and share her music. Grace was a perfect choice for Kelsey’s first recorded song.

Man let me tell you something, Kelsey can sing. We had a blast. I worked hard not to be too much of a perfectionist and just let it flow…..and it did. We will be laying down my vocals in a while and I can’t wait to hear it all together…….father and daughter harmonizing.

To me this is what music is all about…..having fun, connecting, and playing in the harmonies. This is glorious and what a distance both Kelsey and I have come to be recording our singing. It took me a long time to record my singing because I told myself for years I couldn’t sing…..the truth is I can and I am working on my pitch and knowledge of how to sing (actually going to take some voice lessons).

So being the metaphorical guy that I am, I can’t help but see the obvious connection to both Kelsey and me finding our voices together. This is so rich and so wonderful, I want more. I will bring her in as my guest artist on future songs. She gets better every time she sings and now she is starting to understand more about singing.

I think that I have opened the flood gates because I know my son-in-law Andy is also a budding singer with a secret desire to be on American Idol just like Kelsey. Who knows, we may just have a family band forming…..what a kick that would be. Isn’t everyone a rock star in the privacy of their own shower……I am.

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