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Oh how I love the wisdom of rock and roll. This is what I grew up with and has become the foundation of the music that moves me, speaks to me and in this case gives me a mantra, if you will, for how I strive to live my life.

There are many, many lyrics of songs that I grew up with that have had an impact on me and how I see life. It still amazes me how many people quote Bob Dylan and I am not sure he even knew when he wrote these songs, what impact he would have not only on these people’s lives, but also on our entire culture. There has been no song though that has had the lasting impression and shaped my life as The Beatles song “Let it Be”…… simple, powerful, profound.

As my horoscope stated this week, I have a choice. I can either go through life wrestling to make what I want to happen or I can let it come to me. This does not mean that I sit and wait for someone to knock at my door, it means that I work on creating a place in my life where change can happen and I hold open the possibilities to what can happen. Interestingly enough, my horoscope said that either way I will be able to get what I want, the later though of holding open space and letting it in gets me there with a lot less wear and tear on my soul, my body, and my spirit.

As always, it’s all about choice for me and because I like to make it happen my way, I pay a price when I fight the flow. It’s like taking a hike through treacherous terrain, over mountains, with tremendous obstacles all along the way…….only to arrive at where I am going and see that there was a door that I could have just walked through and avoided all of this turmoil and written on the door was “ …..whisper words of wisdom, let it be, let it be.”

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