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Although I don’t consider myself an old dog, I am not a puppy either. I am in the saddle of life living at a beautiful time where I am old enough to have amassed some wisdom and young enough where I still have my puppy like curiosity and the energy to make things happen. Some people choose to look at this mid life time as a crisis …. to me it’s all about embracing and loving change.

I have recently reconnected with an old and dear friend of mine and we are starting to write music again. His name is Jason and he is without doubt one of the most talented musician/writer/producers I know. He is also an old soul and we have danced in previous lifetimes together. In fact, we used to write songs together about 7 years ago and we had a lot of fun. This go round is different. Jason has learned his craft, written and recorded his own CD, and is now writing with some very talented writers/producers out of Nashville.

When we got together yesterday, we checked in and spent some time getting focused on what we want to do and how and then he asked me if I was familiar with the Nashville numbering system. Even though I had heard of it, I didn’t know what it was. So over the next few hours, he taught me. He taught me with love in his heart and I knew this was my time to grab some of the language of music and learn it. I have always been a jammer/creative type musician that “didn’t need” that because it was too cerebral and I was about soul. He even gave me some homework and he really communicated beautifully how not only will this language put us on the same page, it will broaden my song writing options and will take away the “I wonder if this chord will work” energy and replace it with “this is why this works” knowing.

In my coaching I am a HUGE proponent of language and “you are what you say”… why would this be any different….. what a big AHA and a great gift. Now I understand what spirit was telling me the other day when I pulled my angel cards and one of them was STUDY and the other was MUSIC. Thank you my brother for loving me enough to teach this old dog some new tricks…..or at least as you say “find the depths of my pockets.”

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