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So many of my lessons have come to me in the most unique ways. I have been blessed a lot lately around writing my blog on how I can continually week after week come up with subjects that have so many rich pieces to them. What I am good at is recognizing these subjects each week when something happens in my life that presents a gift. This week is no different.

This week in our group, we were talking about how much time we spend in our lives giving space in our minds to what we do wrong… many mistakes we make….things we think we mess up on…..and on and on with negative mind chatter that does nothing except confirm that we are not good enough. Interestingly enough, I believe that we have a choice as to what we occupy our thoughts and our energy with. It’s like the old saying “whether you think you can or you can’t … are right.” It’s all about what energy we feed every day.

In our group, Eduardo was sharing how his dog, Mambo, is so happy to see him every morning and that no matter what Eduardo is going through, Mambo chooses to see the beauty in him always ….. unconditional love at its best. In fact, he was sharing that Mambo loves him so much that when he takes a shower, Mambo sticks his nose in the shower as if to let him know that he can’t wait until he gets out to see him, he loves him that much. So what we discussed is what would it be like if we loved OURSELVES like Mambo loves Eduardo. What if every day we saw our beauty and our gold and that is what we occupied our mind chatter with.

What I find interesting, is that it is harder for me to say good things about myself than it is to say negative or destructive things. It was amazing how in our meeting, the men struggled to talk about what makes them beautiful men. We all struggled. In our culture, we have lost the blessings that we each need so much. So this week I am taking some cues from Mambo and will use the shower to cue me to know that when I get out, the world will be waiting for me with open loving arms and will be anxious to embrace me and let me know what a wonderful special man that I am…….thanks Mambo for sticking your nose in my shower.

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