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Well this seems to be the season for me to receive wonderful gifts from funerals. This past week my dear friend Kay Vogel lost her sister Connie Lawrence. Even though I did not know Connie well, she impacted my life in a way I am not even sure she knew.

About 9 years ago, I got my first experience in Sound Healing when I was asked to come to a sound healing session for Connie that was put on by Kay. We went out near Brenham to a structure that was built for sound resonance and we took Connie out there because she was having health problems and did some miraculous sound work on her and then attended a sweat lodge ceremony. Not only did I meet a lot of the healers that I would work with, I also turned on a part of me that has become a defining part of who I am today…….so thank you Connie.

At Connie’s memorial service, Kay gave a beautiful talk on her love for Connie and shared some of her memories. One was of a song that The Judds did called Dream Chaser. Kay said that song embodied Connie and was important enough to Connie that she sang that song to her daughter Shelda on her 16thbirthday……very powerful stuff. When she started to talk about Dream Chaser I was getting truth response after truth response that Connie once again had touched my life.

I am a Dream Chaser and have dealt with all the good and bad of that my whole life. I have been told many times “Quit dreaming Stan, get back to reality.” I never could……I always dreamed and knew that my dreams would come true. One of my biggest dreams was to play the guitar, be a musician, and to be in a band to where I could be on stage making and playing music like all my musical heroes. Today I do just that. I have followed my dreams and I continue to dream every day. I have recently purchased recording equipment to record my music and to write more and that has been a lifelong dream also.

So thank you Connie for being a Dream Chaser and sharing this song with me so I could claim my Dream Chaser …….“that’s what I am.”

”I’m a dream chaser, a star gazer that’s what I am

But I’ve always known I’d come back home when I found my rainbows end

Rainmakers and heartbreakers could never change my plans

Dream chaser, that’s what I am”

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